The World of Manufacturing is Changing

The future of manufacturing won’t build itself, yet. At Path, we’re delivering on the promise of what intelligent industrial robotics can become.

The Path Ahead

Today we’re focused on welding robotics, but that’s only the beginning. We’re making intelligent robots that make manufacturing infinitely flexible and infinitely scalable.

Our mission is to enable robots to build, so humans can create. The future of manufacturing will be built by Path.

“Path Robotics is solving a complex and critical problem in our country, which is the gap between the supply and demand for skilled workers. Their technology represents a tremendous opportunity to lead American manufacturing into the future.”

Lee Fixel, Investor, Addition


Andy Lonsberry

Chief Executive Officer

Alex Lonsberry

Chief Technology Officer

Ken Lonsberry

Chief Supply Chain Officer

Joe Onderko

VP of Business Development and Marketing

Alexandra Scheiman

VP of People

Sheena Patterson

VP of Operations

Chris Prochak

VP of Product

Ben Rogers

VP of Software

Caitlin Fiordirosa

VP of Finance

Build the Future of
Manufacturing With Us

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"Path Robotics raises another $100M."

"American factories are desperate for workers. It's a $1 trillion problem."

"Path Robotics raises $56M for 'aggressive' expansion of AI-powered welding."

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